Blog 1b: IT Fluency Interview

A brief introduction your selected person you chatted with for the User Profile activity.

Age: 45; Gender: Male

How long have you used IT? Been working with computers since 1988, when I was a student in a graphics and printing course. We were learning computer-based technologies for printing.

What was your first technology encounter? My first computer experience was when I was 8 years old in third grade. My uncle had a commodore home computer. It was single unit with built in monitor; the keyboard was even part of the unit. Its computer programs were on cassette tapes. He queued up the game “Asteroids” and I thought that was the coolest game ever.

IT skills: using tech (hardware and software)

Do you know how to use a word processing program to create/edit/save a document? Yes.

What are other software programs you use on your computer? Drafting programs, like AutoCAD, spreadsheets, Word, Corel Draw. Databases, like Q&A.

What peripherals (e.g. speakers, printer) do you connect to your computer? I use my laptop for home computer, so I use a mouse, and occasionally use an external floppy drive.

Do you know how to delete a photo off a computer or smartphone? yes.

IT concepts: using IT to accomplish a task

If someone else needed a computer file from your computer, how would you transfer files from your computer to that person? I’d go to where the file is maintained, put in a flash drive, copy and paste the file onto the flash drive, then delivery to the person.

Ever transferred files through the internet? Through emails.

Do you know how to create formulas in a spreadsheet to add numbers for you? Yes.

How would you find phone numbers for a local company you wanted to call? I have an app on my smartphone called Poynt which can narrow down my search to anywhere in the US. If I have an exact name I can type that into the app, or can type in a general category of company and select from the options provided.

Do you know how to save a shot of your computer or smartphone screen to view later or show someone else? I know how to do a screenshot on my phone, not on a computer.

Do you know that computers can screenshot? Yes, management at work does it, but I’ve never taken the time to learn. I don’t use computers too much these days; most things are done on my mobile device.

How would you call more than 2 people at the same time? I can do a conference call on my cell phone or use a landline at work to establish a linkup site to call a conference phone line.

Intellectual capabilities: ability to apply IT to solve a problem

How would you apply user (or parental) controls where no one else can access part or all of your computer? I would establish a password on the device that is unique to me.

Do you know how to make the font size bigger to read, or smaller to fit the whole screen? Yes.

How do you handle concerns about personal information security or viruses? At work we have firewalls on computers by our IT team as it’s very restrictive. On personal devices like my phone, I have a virus scan. On my laptop, I don’t have any security as I don’t really use it. I also don’t go to sites that are known to contain viruses.



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