Blog 1a: Brief Introduction of Myself

A brief introduction of myself using some of my more interesting IT Fluency interview questions (See Blog 1b for other interview):

Age: 39; Gender: female

How long have you used IT? Does an analog phone count as technology (tech to transfer information in speech format)? Then I’d say 3 or 4 years old with those old rotary phones. If not, then the Atari gaming console around 6 or 7 years old. Mainly playing games, doing chat rooms, and eventually emails. My first job out of high school was assisting the editor of an alumni magazine at UF (1995), so learned several layout and graphic programs, like Pagemaker (now InDesign) and Photoshop. In my free time, I dabbled in HTML with a free webpage, making tables to make “photo albums” with pictures of my son (no facebook yet!) I still have the page – no templates, just straight HTML writing. I haven’t updated it for a few years, so I see my Star Wars newsfeed no longer works.

I had to jump into databases in a subsequent job (2001). It wasn’t my primary duty; that was to create or update adult education powerpoints and associated student books. Their Access database needed some improvements on generating reports that were more helpful, as well as spitting out printable certificates. I bought an “Access for Dummies” book, and eventually scrapped the database they had and made another from scratch since I couldn’t figure out the table connectivity in the original tables to queries. I also maintained their website. The office eventually hired an IT guy who was more privy to SQL, so I lost touch with Access, but hopefully will recall some of it for this class. I haven’t made a webpage with a connected database, so I’m looking forward to learning to do that in LS560 – though I know it will be alot of re-looking up how to do databases!

What was your first technology encounter? I’m still counting the phone or Atari, but my first computer encounter was in 6th grade (1987) to play a DOS prompt Oregon Trail game. First time using the internet was in 9th grade (1990ish) using the IRC chat rooms (no browsers or email was available to me yet).

What are other software programs you use on your computer? At home, I mostly use Word, Excel, Blackboard, Chrome, Gimp. At work I also use Powerpoint, Acrobat, and Outlook. I also flip between Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox due to website incompatibilities more than I think is necessary. In the past, I’ve used Access, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Pagemaker, and others.

What peripherals (e.g. speakers, printer) do you connect to your computer? On my home computer, I have my headset with microphone connected. I tend to have problems with speakers. No printer; I go to the library and pay $.10 per copy when I need to print anything not work related.

How would you find phone numbers for a local company you wanted to call? Google the name of the business. And I try to only use Google searches; Bing and Yahoo just aren’t the same.

Do you know how to save a shot of your computer or smartphone screen to view later or show someone else? Yes. I use the computer screenshots quite a bit – Windows has a “Snipping” tool that is especially handy during classes when the professor pulls up a website to give examples. I snip while they’re clicking through stuff so I can refer back to it later.

How would you call more than 2 people at the same time? I’m still no good at conferencing. I know it’s doable, but it’s still a challenge so I just don’t unless someone else is setting up the call.  By the way, I loved Google Docs when we had to do the LS501 partner assignment last year. I wish I could find something with sound/mic functionality while being able to manipulate documents during real time. I suppose I could just *gulp* conference in by phone while using Google Docs.

How to apply user (or parental) controls where no one else can access part or all of your computer? I’ve become very good (if I do say so myself) with user and parental controls with my teenager. I have my home computer set so that you have to enter the admin password when trying to run an executable file. I also set my computer to not login between 10pm – 6am. A handful of times, I forgot my admin password, so had to lookup how to bypass all that with command prompts to reset the password on the backend.



2 thoughts on “Blog 1a: Brief Introduction of Myself

  1. Alison – I really enjoyed your summary. I have to ask – I was heartbroken when Pagemaker went away and eventually quit sniveling and started using InDesign but my work duties changed and I never got really fluent, then Publisher kind of became like old beginning Pagemaker. How did you handle that transition? Did you get good using InDesign?


    • I was pretty heartbroken over Pagemaker going away. My IT guys at the time were totally unsympathetic to my sniveling. I finally made a list of the main things I used in Pagemaker, wrote down where all those functions were at in InDesign, and got used to it after a while. It’s pretty easy now, just had to transition. I don’t understand why Adobe couldn’t just upgrade Pagemaker though :/


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