Blog #2: Change in IT Fluency

3 components of IT fluency (ITF)

  • IT skills: using tech (hardware and software)
  • IT concepts: using IT to accomplish a task
  • Intellectual capabilities: ability to apply IT to solve a problem

Keeping in mind these three components, I would say my IT Fluency has increased a tad thus far. For IT skills, I’ve learned to use the Notepad software in different ways for saving, opening, and renaming files. Notepad was also the vehicle which increased my IT concepts, as I now use it to house HTML code to test webpage design (through Module 2c at this point in time). I also used Notepad to increase my intellectual capabilities, as I made multiple edits and saves to solve the problem of HTML code not working as I planned.

On a personal note, I was tasked to make surveys in Qualtrics this week at work, and increased my IT concepts by creating branches in the surveys and display logic for several question options. I credit some of the logic concepts learned in HTML coding toward my ease of creating these logic concepts in Qualtrics.  Score!


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