Blog #3: Update on my IT Fluency

3 components of IT fluency (ITF)

  • IT skills: using tech (hardware and software)
  • IT concepts: using IT to accomplish a task
  • Intellectual capabilities: ability to apply IT to solve a problem

Keeping in mind these three components, I would say my IT Fluency has increased a tad thus far. For IT skills, I’ve recently used multiple items of freeware in team assignments. This freeware includes Google Docs, Survey Monkey, and Doodle polls. I learned the free versions of these to better come to decisions with team members and have a single document from which to work. Intellectual capabilities were increased as well by trying to solve what seemed to be a problem of not being able to non-verbally vote on items across a team. I attempted this with Survey Monkey, but members also used comment boxes in the Google Doc to just write preferences. Sometimes to solve a problem, I shouldn’t try to fix it right off the bat but see what happens with other team members attempts first.


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