Blog 1: How can bookmarking and tagging benefit you in your desired career or schoolwork?

Tagging can benefit my desired career by being tagged in activities or places that may be of interest to future employers. This would be particularly true if I could tag in LinkedIn, as I use that as my social media outlet for career items. There is a former colleague who started a online magazine about interesting happenings in engineering and I do pay particular attention to it, more so than other items. I believe this is because she sends me emails occasionally saying she though that a particular article may be of interest to me. Though it is probably a bulk email to a group she has me in, it felt very personal so I make sure to have a look when her items come out across LinkedIn. It used to be consistent, but now is not so that’s unfortunate. It was through her national magazine that I found out some cool projects going on at UF Engineering College, which is where I work. Faculty tend to work in silos; it drives me crazy. In any case I like her items and UF was tagged so it drew me. If I could get something published in her magazine and have my name and UF (or UA) tagged, this would draw my name out to fellow readers. If I were to work in a library in the future, I would want to get happenings at the library published in a subject specific manner – like in this engineering magazine. An article could be submitted on engineering maker spaces or new 3-D printer items or whathaveyou.

Bookmarking would be more beneficial for school work as its functions saves webpages that were of interest. In terms of social media, it’s bookmarking where other people can see what you bookmarked. If co-students post something of particular interest then I share it to my personal page for reference later. This can be conversations or documents. I mostly bookmark recipes at the moment though. A list of some “bookmarking” websites, though I just use facebook.


3 thoughts on “Blog 1: How can bookmarking and tagging benefit you in your desired career or schoolwork?

  1. Tagging on LinkedIn is very odd. Recently I was trying to tag an association I belong to and it wasn’t working. I ended up doing some research and found that it wasn’t possible. I wonder if it’s something they’re working on or if they’ve specifically prohibited it to keep from spammy taggers trying to get connected with others. At the end of the day, the LinkedIn business model is to try to entice us to purchase a premium account and perhaps allowing tagging on their site would somehow circumvent the need for such an account? I’m not sure.


  2. I didn’t realize that you could tag with LinkedIn, though it sounds like there is some trouble. I like that idea. I do like the idea of bookmarking specifically for our coursework. Great ideas!


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