Week 2: June 5 – 9: LAC Approvals and Foreign Languages

June 6:

There was a week off last week due to a very long Memorial Day week for me so today I did more provisionals to refresh my memory before moving to something newer. The first week I was encouraged to not pull any foreign language works from the provisional shelves to work on; this day I had much of that left to do so I began pulling those after finishing English works. I haven’t taken foreign language classes is a long, long time (three years of Spanish in high school 1992-1995, then 1 semester each of Spanish and German in college circa 1996-1997). Thankfully the Spanish began coming back and most of the items are in Spanish as UF has the 2nd largest Latin American and Caribbean collection in the United States, but the non-English items took a little longer as I would have to really pay attention to get the publisher, author, title and such to match the book to a corresponding record in Connexion. Also, since it didn’t have an item record started, I had to search Aleph much more thoroughly for existing records at the onset of each book.

June 7:

Today I moved from provisionals to approvals. Provisionals were books that were purchased singly from acquisitions; they would start an item record for it in Aleph then pass to cataloging to do the rest. Approvals are large bulk orders that acquisitions pass straight to cataloging so these books do not have an item record in Aleph yet. The bulk of these items are in a non-English language since the Latin American and Caribbean Collection (LACC) librarians placed the bulk of these bulk orders. I practiced with my supervisor on a couple, then got to work.

June 8 and 9:

My intern supervisor was out both these days so I continued working through the LACC approvals. As I would get close to emptying a bookshelf, an LACC librarian would come in and put more on the shelf. So plenty to do!

Issues encountered with approvals:

  • I searched for book in hand title with 0 results. Searched for just the author, waded through entries and found the book in hand with word misspelled in the title so it didn’t pull when I searched for title. Thus I did all subsequent searches using author plus copyright year.
  • Entries for these LACC books had bad records in Connexion – no subject headings or even a call # in the 050 or 090. I imagine I will move to entering metadata into Connexion due to this soon.

Oh and I spoke with the Acquisitions Chair and though they didn’t have project perse, they would set up times where I could sit with acquisitions, e-resources and others to walk through steps of their duties to get a feel for the entire process. Very excited to be learning entire cycle for purchase to shelving.


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