Week 3: June 12-16: 0-OCLCs and Gifts

Big meeting at work this week so only two days interning:

June 13:

I had a stack of books to go in the LACC but bib records weren’t in Connexion to export to Aleph due to them be very new and a bit specialized for Latin American collections. Works with no Connexion bib record were called 0-OCLCs. Today was the day to learn the 0-OCLC procedures.

First search by title, with just author and filter title then even search by ISBN number (I was discouraged from doing this) just in case I didn’t quite grab the correct title or author since many were in Spanish, German, and French (my 3.5 years of Spanish and 1 semester of German from the 1990s came back slowly) . If not found in Connexion,  create a provisional bib record in Aleph, as well as an item and holding record. File in a special spot for an original cataloger to make a bib record in Connexions and save over the provisional bib record in Aleph.

June 16:

We moved right along to gift books today. Most were older books which many times meant multiple Connexion bib records. Several had pre-existing Aleph records, but it was vexing when I would find an Aleph record but there was a better Connexion record; not allowed to overwrite the Aleph record as it’s shared across schools. Argh!

ALA Conference is next week so I imagine I’ll be doing more of the same. It does help to be able to pull from multiple entry types.


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