Blog Post 5: How has your view of social media changed over the time of this course?

Things I have learned:

  • tagging uses very uncontrolled tagging thus isn’t all that useful because we’re missing out on lots of related items that aren’t tagged with exactly the same word. I knew that, but this course reinforced it. Most folks aren’t going to use the OCLC tags.
  • RSS feeds are awesome. I use them for work (Google news deliveries – non-library related job right now) but didn’t think to use them for pulling library-related items for school. It seems to be limited on sources it pulls from but perhaps its a matter of me working with the settings.
  • I’ll bet if there was a librarian on the Facebook chat feature they’d get more chat time than just on the library chat function.
  • With all the makerspaces, I wonder if the expert-area librarians could do more do-it-yourself videos to go along with the live sessions.
  • My local county library has been starting to post pictures of books she is reading. Makes folks want to read it too. I would encourage librarians to be more social on the social networks.
  • Would have liked more case studies in this class of librarians using social media to their advantage. I’m still not sure of all the ways librarians could be using it. Social media is what we make of it. So what can we make of it.
  • Using social media plus an ILS with a similar book listing feature would make for dy-no-mite.

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One thought on “Blog Post 5: How has your view of social media changed over the time of this course?

  1. I think case studies of librarians using social media would be wonderful – that would have been a great idea. I do find when people reveal how they use SM for projects, their library’s collection advertisement, summer reading etc. that I’m like, “Oh yeah – that’s a great way to use it!” and bookmark it in my brain for later use.

    And do-it-yourself maker space videos? That is brilliant. I think that is a great way to advertise the space and to get traffic to their library, even if it is just digitally.


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