Internship June 19-22

June 20: More gifts. There are some really interesting books coming across, so I get to flip through them all as I catalog. Most interesting for the day was Rare Air by Michael Jordan. My ex-husband is a huge Jordan fan and would love to see this big, beautiful book of pictures from his basketball years. WorldCat says it’s at UF because I updated Connexions with it. 🙂

June 21: More gifts. There are LOTS of gift books that have been sitting to be cataloged. I was questioning the head cataloger over bib records with different copyright dates than the book in hand – the internal rule their isn’t consistent on if it is the same work or if it’s different. There’s usually a great bib record in Connexion that has a more recent edition of the gift we received in hand, and sometimes they’ll call it the same, and sometimes they’ll say its different. If its a different edition every time, why would it be the same, ever? I imagine this is at the discretion of the head cataloger wanting to add new bib records to Aleph or not. That’s something I’ll ask the Chair when we sit for our theoretical talk when he comes back from ALA.

June 22: More gifts. I don’t think I want to do this all day every day for a full time job. I’m very glad to have done it as I had no cataloging or ILS-back end experience. I’ll be sitting in for original cataloging and cataloging of non-print items (I hear they aren’t nearly as fun as book cataloging).


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