Internship June 26-30

This week is my halfway point.

June 27:

Did a tour of Latin American and Carribean Collection. The Collection Head spoke with me on the ILL needs that the collection meets as the 2nd largest Latin American collection in the nation – three floors worth of works to be exact. I asked what group asks for the most ILL items; he said that he used to keep track of it but would love to cipher through the data to see trends over the years (note to self: possible research project or poster).  UF runs their ILL through consortium – if you don’t order as a consortium member then there is a charge. I haven’t used ILL in years but I always thought that this was a free service.

I was handed off to a librarian in the Baldwin Library of Historical Children Literature. There were so many books! UF’s public records are also stored on this floor. This kicked off a discussion of the need for digitizing records. This would bring these rare works to view for patrons as well as assist with limited storage.Of course, this would take time and effort that no one currently had at that library. Job titles good for this: Electronic records manager, certified records manager.

They had a very cool KIC scanner too.

June 28:

A day of cataloging. I’ve found two more cases of a work being in Aleph but I couldn’t find it easily by title or author; had to search by OCLC number. Very strange. To put on my question list.

June 29:

More cataloging. I did speak with the cataloging chair and we now have a meeting July 5th afternoon to discuss other items I could do my last four weeks here.


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