Internship July 17-21

July 18:

Practiced more with originals but this time started the record by myself so the cataloger could check my work afterwards. Got a book (they’re ALL in Spanish; every grabs the English ones first before I get there), search it to see if someone else already made a record (happened a couple times!), and if not find a similar work to derive from. Easy, I got this. OK, I can read a few words, it’s about such and such. Look up the call number that copied over. Meh, might be something else. Subject headings might be this so looked those up. Spent an hour trying to find the call number for the keywords I thought might be subject headings. Cataloger comes over and clicks “Enhanced Classification Browser” in ClassWeb. Boom the keywords are miraculously found. Argh! Spent almost three hours on one book.

July 19: More originals practice. This time created person authority records for a couple of the authors of a book I was working on. Score! Made an authority record! I can see where that would take hours as well if the name was fairly common. Mine weren’t so the cataloger said I could.

July 20: More originals – today ended with a book in a volume set so got to put in some new MaRC records for series titles, find out if they were traced. Only managed to do 4 originals this week, but it got quicker as I went through the process. Next week: non-print cataloging.



Libguide for punctuation


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