Internship: July 24-28

Final week!

July 25: For my final week, I get to practice all the extra MaRC codes associated with CDs and DVDs. DVDs are today.

RDA Toolkit to the rescue again! There are some very handy examples of MaRC records for audio and video discs. I printed those out, then searched for the items in hand. Though the toolkit examples were a good base, there were several items that were not in the example that many searched records had: 518 (to use with 033) for date/time/place of events (many of my items were concert recordings), 024 for UPC (or other) codes, 306 for playing time (which is also listed in the 2 or 3 other spots), 511 (notes on performers), 505 (partial contents – a song listing), and 546 (to use with 041) for language notes.

Other new things: DVDs and CDs have Publisher numbers. Didn’t know that. No regular call numbers for UF Aleph; must get ascension number to use as call number. Add 540 MaRC code for “Film only for personal use…”

July 27:

CDs today. As mentioned, most were recordings of people’s concerts. Something odd I found while searching was that there could be several bibliographic records of an artist with the same album title, but the concert event date will be different. So had to watch out for that.

Other than that, I got this. Several folks from the office signed a card wishing me luck. Great bunch of folks; I’m really glad I was able to work with them. Even got an offer to have a letter of recommendation written up. 🙂

Mission accomplished.


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