Why aren’t librarians doing more for faculty researchers?

After reviewing several library webpages, I have a question:

If librarians are the information gurus, why aren’t we actually doing any of the Data Management Plans for the researchers?

Many library webpages give information on how the researcher can make and share a DMP. There’s even an offer of setting appointments with librarians on how the researcher can do a DMP. There is virtually no library websites that say what the librarians will DO for the researcher. So far, we are offering guidance. That’s it.

You’re right, we don’t know their research or are a SME on their topic, but we are experts in information.

This is data.

This is data sharing.

This is organization of data.

This is assigning metadata to data.

This is what we as librarians are good at. This is our reason for asking for a decent salary – because we are supposed to be better at this than any other person in another profession – even faculty researchers.

Why are are not saying “We will create the metadata and share your data for you.” Instead, we are giving options and saying “Good luck!”

We are giving away our claim to librarian fame. We need to make ourselves needed. Provide more service other than guidance. What can we DO for them – not just teach them to do themselves. They are paid to research. We are paid to organize data. Let’s make ourselves invaluable to our institutions.

What does this have to do with my digital curation class? I’m looking for ways librarians can DO and not just guide in the areas of DMPs. This will be my Digital Curation project. Stay tuned.


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