Week of January 29

Jan 30:

No scanning this week. I was tasked with a metadata project to upload these Caribbean conference proceedings to the repository and apply appropriate metadata. There were 3 proceedings posted when I was handed the project; 21 in all.  This first day involved familiarizing myself with UF’s Sobek repository platform: how to “Add a New Volume” for each .pdf file representing a presentation within the proceeding at the appropriate levels to display properly. Then there’s the metadata – make sure presentation title versus the proceeding titles were in the right spots and so on.

Jan 31:

After the fourth proceeding I was on a roll with the clicks. It was so much so that I kept having to remind myself “Hands off my face!” I’ve been leaning into my left hand as my right has been the only one doing the work here. Not good for my face – starting to breakout. In any case, toward the end of the day at the end of proceedings #6, I was told I needed to put in the authors of each presentation into the metadata – I was keeping the list of authors from the original table of contents in under all the items. Drat! Now to go back. At this point, I also noticed that the series title is the name of the sponsoring agency. I conferred with another metadata worker and deduce that I need to change all the series titles to the name of each proceedings and along with each presentations’ authors add the sponsoring agency under the “creators” element. Sobek runs the METS/MODS schema so has different elements to the Dublin Core schema my classes have used. Back through the first six proceeding I go for tomorrow.

Feb 1:

Got through most of the first six proceedings with the corrections from yesterday. All 21 of these looks to be what I’ll be doing for the next two weeks.


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