Week of February 5; 12; 19; 26

Feb 6, 7, 8 (4 hrs each day)

Feb 13, 14, 15 (4 hrs each day)

Feb 20, 21, 22 (4 hrs each day)

Yes, STILL working on the 21 conference proceedings from Week of Jan 29th.

Feb 26 (6 hrs) DONE!

Items of interest:

Whoever is compiling the Table of Contents is not putting the exact title of the presentations for all of them. I copy and paste the titles from the TOC because it’s easy and I don’t want to handtype them all out. Since the TOC is an official thing, I’m hesitant to modify the title so put an “Alternate Title” for several.

There should really be better OCR software used than Acrobat! If I ever have to do this for a big university that will be my first big push in for budgeted item. That’s the one major thing that I love about digital papers is when I can search the document for keywords – or even have the collection search be able to search in the document when I do a keyword search. And copy and paste without random letters being changed or extraneous spaces everywhere.

Sobek has three levels:
Proceedings 1 -> Volume I -> {presentation name)

Several proceedings have 4-5 levels:
Proceedings 1 -> Volume I -> Part 1: Rocks Art of the Caribbean -> (presentation name)

Sorry 3rd level; you get left out. Thanks Sobek. Yes, I looked in your instruction guide and it says it can go 5 levels but no it doesn’t.

Take several breaks. This is so much sitting in one spot, staring at a handful of spots on the computer screen and just drag copy paste, drag copy paste, over and over and over. so much coffee needed.



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