Week of April 2

April 3:

With the completion of subcollection 10 under my belt, the project manager allowed me glance through the dozens of other subcollections within this Bryant collection to choose which ones I’d like to update for the remainder of my internship time. I choose subcollections 21, 22, 28-38 as they looked like a wider variety of materials dealing with actual platforms coming to life for soon-to-be Governor Bryant. Plus some of them only had and handful of items instead of hundreds of items so it would feel like I’m actually getting more done. And away we go.

April 4:

One of the element items was “Spatial” data. It was meant for the latitude, longitude data from where the item originated. Sometimes this wasn’t available so was told to put the coordinates for Florida in general. Me and the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names were getting to know each other pretty well.

April 6:

Wow. Just wow. I know about segregation generally, but it’s another thing to see campaign speeches and correspondence where the candidate is NOT for integration. All these history lessons are a great side effect of entering archival metadata – though sometimes I go a little slow due to reading the items a little too thoroughly.


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