Week of April 9

April 10:

As I continue looking through the former governor’s items and creating subject headings for them, I’ve been very careful to keep to the same terms I’ve been using. Others who will come after me may use the same terms I am for the similar items, but its frustrating that I’m entering terms that can be used for a subject search but users may not pull all the items they could due to not having similar words used throughout. It is a little frustrating. If I had more time, I would create content standards for these collections so everyone would be using similar terms for similar items. A thesaurus is in play somehow; I still don’t have my head quite wrapped around what systems use it when it’s not very apparent if there is one or not. I use a KOHA ILS before and it seemed to show thesaurus terms – broader, narrower, etc to the user – very helpful, love that. Not this one though, or many other ones now that I think about it.

April 11:

Some of these subcollections are getting into a time after the primaries of which he won to be the democratic nominee so items are more what he plans to do in his platforms, setting himself up for law changes, and concerns with his campaign managers on finances and contacting those who promised contributions. Choosing metadata is indeed as Dr. MacCall says – more an art form than a stringent set of rules that cataloging has. What to choose, what to choose.

April 12:

More updating metadata.


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