Week of April 16

April 17:

Started into a subcollection of the Democratic National Convention documents for 1960 since Bryant is an alternate person to go. I’m a little surprised that Bryant isn’t a Republican with his pro-segregation views; the Democrats are all for integration. Had several instances of pre-existing metadata entered which looked wrong so updated these as well as other items. That’s the good thing about entering data on a single person’s items.

April 19:

Didn’t actually come in on this day; worked from home as I can login to the UF DC from any computer – even home! I could probably even look for some work-from-home metadata jobs…

April 20:

All day at the DC today. Sitting and typing terms gets pretty tedious after long days of it; I could see where I would want several projects going at the same time to break the monotony. Unfortunately, all the projects consist of updating the JSTOR terms for all collections. I suppose I could have asked to choose across collections instead of just subcollections; then there would have been other items to learn about.  This is the downside of entering data only on a single person’s items.



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