Week of April 23- last week! An archived raise request.

April 23:

Doing my best to plow through as many items as possible since this is my last week. I love my current job for allowing me to be flexible but I’ll be glad to not have to flex time anymore after this week. getting up so early to fit it all in for the 4th month is a row has been draining. WORTH IT THOUGH! Graduating next week! I can’t wait!

April 24:

Came in all day to finish my 150 hours. Sat with the department supervisor who originally gave me tasks in January before assigning me to the JSTOR history project manager.

  • Is there plans for a content standard document?

Things with the move to Access Innovations was planned and now needs a ton of clean up so content standards is low on priority. Considering all the metadata that is to be entered, its a shame that this isn’t higher on the list so no one has to go back and clean it up. Though I hear that when standards are made, there’s usually no retroactive activity. If I had taken my metadata class prior to this internship, this would have been on my radar first thing as a project to do for them.

  • Is there plans to review and revise the ILS to show results differently for users?

When I started entering “segregation” as a JSTOR term in several of the Bryant items, I went to the front end and searched “segregation.” The results gave me lists of subcollections, not individual items. This is frustrating as many of the subcollections have hundreds of items. If only 3 of those items have the subject term “segregation” that means we’re expecting the user to click on each item to see which one it is? That seems very unfriendly to the user and I expect I’ll have to deal with this next month when I start shadowing the Information Literacy Instruction Librarian. We’ll have to show students how to deal with this. I’m sure it has turned many researchers off of searching our archives – the whole archives collections are in this same program.

  • What is the expectations of the soon-to-be newly hired metadata librarian?

I noticed there was a metadata librarian position advertised several months ago. I was hoping to speak with whomever was hired but things aren’t all the way through processing yet. As for what they would like for this position to do, it would be a lot of programming – being able to bulk upload items to overlay instead of the very manual process of entering info in each item. (I asked about how to do this at the beginning of the semester but it’s only for new items and new items were on backburner until the JSTOR bit was resolved).

All in all, completed 9 and a half subcollections of the JSTOR/metadata updates. My last item modified just happened to be a salary raise request; I thought that was fitting. I love how it is worded: I want to call your attention to the “need for an adequate salary schedule to assure competency in this position.” I’m totally gonna borrow from this. It seems many librarian positions I’ve seen advertised lately aren’t salaried to assure competency.

Intern mission accomplished!


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