About the Author: M. Alison Tillman

Born and raised in Wakulla County, Florida, I moved to Gainesville after high school graduation to attend University of Florida. The plan was originally to double major in Journalism and Computer Engineering. A couple of changes in majors later brought about a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a specialization in advertising. After seventeen years of finance and instruction design work, I desired a more advanced degree and picked librarianship due to love of books and a longing to assist citizens see the greater usefulness of libraries. Not only is there free access to a plethora of information and resources at a library, but experts to guide them through the data. Advertising and instructional work may come in quite handy at the library where I land.

About the Blog Name: The Spineless Ninny

In debating over a LIS-related blog title, word associations were made concluding with spine which led to spineless which led to spineless ninny. ¬†Quite a self-degrading set of words but surely there was a good story behind it. A search on the origins of “spineless ninny” resulted in a short story titled “The Ninny” by Anton Chekhov. After a read, I found that I quite liked this spineless ninny. Though her employer was obviously taking financial advantage of her, she remained calm and grateful for whatever she received. (Thankfully as bullies age they tend to have inner turmoil over their wrongdoing.) Oh to be so humble in this day and age. Humbleness is a strength that is not often noticed or is thought of as a weakness. It is not a strength of power but of character.

Long live the underdog.