Short Background

With all the information available, my aim is to find what is true and citable and make that easily retrievable for the audience, whether that be a private organization wanting to manage their own data or a large public library seeking to provide the information to the world. In efforts to build my knowledge, I attend University of Alabama to attain a Master in Library and Information Studies.

Much of my work experience lies in finance and project management. Aspects of many of the projects translate well to information transfer, such as developing instructional guide content, tracking materials, cataloging data, and maintaining web and social media presences.

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Summary of Work Experience

Course Development
Technically trained nationally (National Highway Institute) and locally (Florida Division of Forestry) in course development standards, including pilot/escort and maintenance of traffic course curriculums used by Florida Department of Transportation for courses statewide, with 13+ years of experience of development from general safety to specific transportation areas.
Professional of 8+ years experience in Pcard and contract purchases within SAMAS and Peoplesoft systems, as well as safe money handling and processing for deposits of $500k+ yearly.
Grant paperwork and project management specialist
Prepare grant submittals to multiple state and federal agencies, process paperwork after commencement and completion of work, track tasks and their associated expenses to ensure successful completion, create reports proving measureable success.

Selected Professional Activities

  1. Intern, University of Florida Smather’s Library Cataloging Dept., May-August 2017
  2. Member
    • American Library Association, 2016-present
    • Florida Library Association, 2016-present
    • National Local Technical Assistance Program Association, Technology Transfer Work Group, 2015-present
  3. Friend, Transportation Research Board, Standing Committee on Library and Information Science for Transportation (ABG40), 2016-present
  4. Volunteer Librarian
    • Morriston Baptist Church, 2012-present
    • Parker Road Baptist Church, 2006-2011
  5. Child Passenger Safety Technician, Safe Kids Worldwide, 2014-2019
  6. Webmaster, Alachua County Community Traffic Safety Team, 2003-2014
  7. Contributing Writer, The Gainesville Sun and the Alligator, 1996- 1997

Selected Publications

  • Schwebel, D., Tillman, M., Crew, M., Muller, M. and Johnston, A. (2017). Using interactive virtual presence to support accurate installation of child restraints: Efficacy and parental perceptions. Journal of Safety Research, 62, 235-243.
  • University of Florida Transportation Institute, Assistant Editor, STRIDE Annual Report and Bi-annual Newsletter, 2014-2016
  • Florida Transportation Technology Transfer Center, Managing Editor, Quarterly Newsletter and Annual Professional Training Portfolio, 2004-2007
  • Florida Pilot/Escort Flagging Training [state curriculum], University of Florida, Florida T2 Center, 2002.
  • The Florida Engineer, Editor Assistant, Quarterly UF College of Engineering Alumni Magazine, 1995-1997